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Numbers day

Thank you Kate for sharing Luella’s learning at home with us. This is so inspiring to see how parents are supporting children’s learning at home during these times using everyday activities and resources available.

“Numbers day. This was a variety of activities around numbers I set up for Lulu during lockdown last year. All using Lulu’s toys, books, flash cards, coloured pom poms and objects from around the house. One of the activities was using number flash cards, some with numbers and some with dots (to encourage pointing and counting) lining them up in order and then using tongs (for fine motor skill development) and getting the corresponding number of pom poms. I went through a phase of setting up theme of the day for Lulu during lockdown last year. With no family / friends visits, no play group, no playgrounds, no activities or fun places open, I had to get creative as Lulu was used to lots of stimulation to keep her active mind busy and learning. She would wake up every day asking what the theme was and run out to see. Was nice to see her so excited, during that really challenging time” - Kate


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