Welcome to the numeracy@HOME resources website for families. 

Here you will find activities, tips, and information to support young children's maths learning during everyday activities. 


The numeracy@HOME resources acknowledge that families are children's first maths educators. 


The numeracy@HOME resources focus on 11 ways to maths learning during everyday activities, such as when families are preparing meals, playing games, or walking down the street.

As you explore the website, you will find videos, tip sheets, a blog, and a facebook feed. The resources will keep increasing - so we invite you to visit often!


We hope that you enjoy exploring the numeracy@HOME resources with your family and friends. You will be amazed to watch your children's maths learning and language expand.


The numeracy@Home website resources are informed by the numeracy@HOME research project.

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11 Ways to Maths
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Discover how you can teach maths in everyday life
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